Plexiglas are prints  with very high resolution photos And with one against sticking on Plexiglas with high-performance machines

Unlike the original canvas, the plexiglas are not thick.

The Plexiglas is a polymer, The polyméthacrylate of methyl, Whose monomer is the méthacrylate of methyl, It is light, Its thickness being approximately half of that of the glass

However we can see the texture of the originals because the photography in high definition capture these details. The colours are very bright but not fluorescent (they do not react to the black light as the originals paintings).

Numérisation du tableau original par une photographe professionnel

Painting's numerisation

 High quality printing of the plexiglas

Impression haute qualité des Plexiglas

Checking the color printing

Signature at the back by Françoise Nielly

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